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15 Funny Cricket Tweets 2018 v.5: Hilarious stuff!



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Another week in the cricket world. Another week of brilliant tweets.

It was a bit of a difficult week for not only England, but also the Kohli haters out there. In this difficult time for them, I have enjoyed quite a few laughs from cricket fans on Twitter. You guys are the real MVPs.

Here are 15 of my favourites from the last week or so, with a shout out to all who put them together!

Funny Cricket Tweet #1: Apply water to that burn!

Trust a Tottenham Hotspur fan to say something stupid. If it’s James Anderson taking wickets with swing, he’s better than Dale Steyn and is the best seamer ever.

Anyone else? Pfft. “I could do the same”.

@AdityaAadi018 with arguably the best tweet in ages. Savage!

Funny Cricket Tweet #2: Poor Broady…

Ben Stokes was found not guilty of affray, and returned straight to the England side for the third Test against India.

Took no time for @cricloverakku to bring out this beauty. Drop a catch off Stokes, and you’re in for a tough time.

Funny Cricket Tweet #3: Puntastic!

The good length ball moving away hasn’t forced Alastair Cook out of Tests. To be fair, the fact that England are still trying to replace Andrew Strauss is another factor.
I love a good pun, and this is a beauty from @FakeRainaNephew. This is a delivery better than anything Ravi Ashwin and Ishant Sharma could produce!
In all seriousness, good luck to Alastair Cook and his family. I remember at the birth of his second child in 2016, Cook flew from Bangladesh to England, and then went back to Bangladesh a couple of days later for the Test series. That couldn’t have been easy.

Funny Cricket Tweet #4: This one was more than a week ago, but I don’t care.

When comparing Sam Curran and Ben Stokes, I didn’t expect to see this.

But it is so bang on. Sam Curran would be a pleasure to have over at a lunch or dinner, just as mum remarks that he looks younger than 20. Looks like a harmless kid. Ben Stokes on the other hand… don’t know if you can introduce him.

@SharlandNM, this is pure gold.

Funny Cricket Tweet #5: Sparks are flying out of him…

I have no doubt that all residents in my street heard me laughing at this one.

Many things have been used to describe Harbhajan Singh’s commentary, but I think this is the best one. I am just imagining the sparks flying out of Bhajji the robot. Gold, @LordShastri

Funny Cricket Tweet #6: Another gem from coach…

Remember when Cheteshwar Pujara convinced KL Rahul to channel his inner Shane Watson and review a plumb LBW?

@LordShastri saw the funny side. Pujara just didn’t want to be run out by Kohli again! 

The two ended up putting a fine partnership together in the second innings, so all worked out well.

Funny Cricket Tweet #7: YEAH HOLDING, TALK NAH

We know Michael Holding has been critical of Hardik Pandya, but if you turn that into a quality tweet that makes people laugh, I salute you.

@ImNsamy reminded us all of Denesh Ramdin’s episode in 2012 and applied it to events. Brilliant!

Funny Cricket Tweet #8: James Anderson and clouds = better love story than Twilight

I think James Anderson is a terrific bowler, but this made me chuckle in a Melbourne cafe, probably resulting in other patrons thinking what was wrong with me.

@theStumpCam thanks for the laugh! A better love story than Twilight.

Funny Cricket Tweet #9: No luck for Holding…

Michael Holding criticised Hardik Pandya. Pandya then had his best game. Holding said Jasprit Bumrah can’t bowl with the new ball. Bumrah then picked up wickets with the new ball. Holding then said this woman is infertile. She then gave birth to four babies in less than a year.

What a tweet, @FarziCricketer. A good chuckle. Holding has no luck at the moment!

Funny Cricket Tweet #10: “But, but…”

As mentioned, it was a difficult week for the Virat Kohli haters. @imsgshinde put it perfectly.

There is no doubt that Virat Kohli is truly world class and fantastic in all conditions. The “but, but” had me laughing! Well said, indeed.

Funny Cricket Tweet #11: SCREAMING.

The best non-joke in history? 

Of course, if you smash it to slip, you should not even look at the umpire. But, that’s my opinion.

@omgbroady putting forth an opinion in brilliant fashion. Quality tweet.

Funny Cricket Tweet #12: Sir Shikhar Dhawan

There is no doubt that Shikhar Dhawan played well in the 3rd Test. 

In saying that, surviving the first ten overs was a surprise to me and to others. @HitmanCricket reckons he deserves knighthood! Funny stuff.

Funny Cricket Tweet #13: I’ll pay you!

Harbhajan Singh isn’t the only commentator rattling a few cages. I do believe that there are worse commentators than Sanjay Manjrekar out there, but this is funny.

500 bucks! What an offer! Cheers @Crichipster.

Funny Cricket Tweet #14: Wait, the Kohli haters might actually say this…

Desperate times call for desperate measures and @brainfadesmith has probably read the minds of all Virat Kohli haters.

Earth track bully! Hilarious stuff.

Cricket Tweet #15: James Anderson = Vince McMahon!

As I’ve mentioned, I think James Anderson has been a superb bowler for England, but the cloud jokes are just too good.

Like Vince McMahon, Jimmy probably wouldn’t be able to handle his excitement with those heavy clouds around! Brilliant tweet again from @Holdthedoor19.
So, there we have it.

15 of my favourite cricket tweets in recent times. Thanks to all for making me laugh.

Keen to continue the laughs? Be sure to check out my light-hearted 3rd England v India Test Player Ratings!

Thanks for reading!
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