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16 cricket tweets that will make you LOL



Last Updated on 6 years by Charbel Coorey

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It’s that time again.

It’s been a while since my last edition of funny tweets, but the time is right again.

Twitter can be a harsh place, but it can also be quite the place to be. It depends what kind of day it is. Like Bangladesh or Pakistan pre-Champions Trophy 2017, I guess. But, one thing is for certain – you are guaranteed a laugh quite often.

Let me get this straight – it was an amazing effort from Fakhar Zaman to score Pakistan’s first ever double century in ODIs. However, some of the social media reaction to it was so funny that I just had to share, as well as other funny tweets as well.

Of course, if you have any funny tweets you write or come across, share with me! I will be doing this on a regular basis. Hope you enjoy.

Cricket Tweet #1: A reply that had me laughing for a while…

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In the second ODI of the one-sided Zimbabwe v Pakistan series, Ramiz Raja took to Twitter to voice his displeasure. 

Zimbabwe scored 194 in that match, which was not the best timing for Ramiz to ask for a double hundred from a Pakistan batsman. The reply from @zain_magsi was so simple yet so funny. I burst into laughter!

Like Ramiz shouting yesterday that “the ball has gone for six, on the full!”, the interesting Pakistan commentator will always give you something to laugh about.

Cricket Tweet #2: So simple, yet so funny…

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Good tweet @deadmvck. Remember, Fakhar will find it more difficult getting off the mark in games against tougher opposition, than scoring centuries and double centuries here.

This time, a simple tweet had me laughing. Yes, it was a fine effort by Fakhar to score a double hundred in an ODI, but there is always an opportunity to have a dig at he opponent he is up against.

Cricket Tweet #3: There is no way I could leave this out…

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Post Celebration Heroics! @imsgshinde put his own little touch on a hilarious video, where Hasan Ali bowled Ryan Murray with a good ball. Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ended for Ali, hurting his neck whilst performing his trademark celebration.

The cold weather in Bulawayo didn’t help Hasan Ali’s cause. Will Hasan Ali take more caution next time or get rid of the celebration? Caution is the better bet!

Cricket Tweet #4: “Yeah, talk to us about the previous series?”

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Lord Commander @Holdthedoor19 with a tweet that made me chuckle. Great use of a famous meme. I approve. I like it.

To be fair, any of the top ten ODI teams would win comfortably in Zimbabwe right now… Pakistan have the talent to cause the top teams trouble, but doing it regularly is their biggest challenge. The 5-0 abomination in New Zealand proved that.

Cricket Tweet #5: @TweetsofBhogle is so good…

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Hahahaha. I love turning football tweets into cricket ones, and this was very good by @dannnyy67.

I thought this was @TweetsofBhogle too, but it was the real Harsha, which made it all the more funny. All we needed from Harsha was to say “Unless of course Croatia won it.”

Cricket Tweet #6: What was Pat Cummins thinking?

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I love Pat Cummins as a cricketer, but firing up Virat Kohli by claiming he won’t score a hundred in India’s upcoming tour of Australia is not a compliment.
@PoppingCreaseSA was not going to let this one slip, telling Pat to pull the other one! Had me chuckling, but she’s right, it wasn’t a compliment. It works the same in Australia as the rest of the world, but not for Pat, apparently.


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Rohit Sharma tried to channel his inner Harsha Bhogle, but @swing_seam was having none of it. A tweet for the ages… Good one, mate.
Has Rohit applied water to that burn yet? Someone make sure he has…

Cricket Tweet #8: You know you’re a cricket addict when…

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Hilarious stuff from @FarziCricketer. At least someone thinks Rahul should be given more of a chance at number four for India…
Twitter name is Silly Point, but if any guy says that to his girlfriend, he should be called Silly Man!

Cricket Tweet #9: It’s been a looooong time…

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Again, great use of a famous gif for cricketing purposes. One of many great tweets from @cricloverakku in recent times.
Joe Root was not able to even convert PDF to Microsoft Word for a while there, but he finally converted a fifty to a hundred!

Cricket Tweet #10: The English Media never get carried away…

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Yes, yes, yes. As an Aussie, I can relate to this. What a tweet @vanillawallah!
Every four is the shot of the century, so too every six. And of course, every wicket by a legspinner!

Cricket Tweet #11: Sarcasm at its finest…

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What a day for cricket! Well said @ImAbhishek7_. Carnage in a dead rubber…
…. But Dennis was actually serious, LOL. 
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STOP getting carried away. I could even score runs against this Zimbabwe side.

Cricket Tweet #12: Nice guy Fakhar!

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Love sarcasm, and @imsgshinde was at it again!
What a nice guy Fakhar is. He was enjoying a great innings, but still had the well being of others on his mind!

Cricket Tweet #13: “That’s none of my business…”

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Pat Cummins needs to learn that social media will be all over you if you don’t watch what you say!
When you say a player won’t score a hundred in the series, it’s a jab at him. 
But, I thank Cummins. The tweets relating to his comments have made me laugh! Good one, @Viratcoverdriv

Cricket Tweet #14: Three huge disasters…

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Everything was so close to perfection @bhutada_piyush… So close!
Rohit Sharma missing his century by just 98 runs had be in stitches!

Cricket Tweet #15: First ever double century in ODIs, according to Daniel…

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Haha. Good one @vijay_Singh84
“I don’t remember the India ones”, said Daniel Alexander. “Fakhar’s innings was certainly better than anything Sachin, Rohit or Virat have played”.

Cricket Tweet #16: “Bitch please”

The first image says “Don’t dare to expose your stumps when you bat against Pakistan pacers”.
Haha brilliant tweet @Karangillaus. Steve Smith would have exposed a second set of stumps! A good chuckle…
So, there are 16 of my favourite tweets from the last few weeks. Hope you enjoyed them!
As mentioned, please feel free to share any tweets to me for my next edition in a few weeks.
Thanks for reading!
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Charbel Coorey
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