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5 richest Cricket Boards in the world 2023



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Cricket News: 5 richest Cricket Boards in the world 2023 | How much is the BCCI worth?

Cricket is one of the most commercially attractive and viable sports in the world. The limelight is often directed towards the players who sweat it out on the field to produce great games that both thrill and excite the audience. However, there are often authorities working overtime on the backdrop trying to make things click cohesively both on the field and on the television sets.

Ranked: Richest cricket boards in 2023

Here, CricBlog explores the five richest cricketing boards in the world.

5. Bangladesh Cricket Board – Rs 802 crore

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) ranks higher up than many of their fancied counterparts with a total worth of Rs 802 crore thus far. Their sponsorship deals with Daraz, Aamra Network and Pan Pacific has created abundant cash flow for them and the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) has been popularising gradually since its inception in 2012.

Now, the authorities will be hoping that potential successes in multi-nation tournaments, with many of them slated to be held in the coming years, can help boost their valuation further in the coming years.

4. Pakistan Cricket Board – Rs 811 crore

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has reported revenue of Rs 811 crore and that is palpable considering the massive widespread following for the sport in the country.

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) attracts sponsors from all across the world. Moreover, the national team has been one of the pioneers of the game since the sport began getting commercialised with a lot of global bigwigs having been associated with them over the years. As of now, they seem to be ranked the highest amongst boards outside of the big three of the cricketing world.

3. England and Wales Cricket Board – Rs 2,135 crore

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) stands third in the list with a total revenue of Rs 2,135 crore. England is one of the few countries that seem to be selling out tickets for Test matches still and the Hundred has emerged as a major cash cow for the ECB. They have sponsorship agreements in place with major companies like Lifebuoy, Royal London, Vitality and New Balance amongst others and their prominence in the commercial side of things of cricket is only set to grow bigger with time.

2. Cricket Australia – Rs 2,843 crore

Cricket Australia (CA) comes in second with Rs 2,843 crore and it is not hard to understand why. First, the sport is incredibly well followed down under and hence the scope of monetising it is much more than others as well.

With sponsors like KFC, Fox Sports, HCL, Toyota, Gatorade, Vodafone and Dettol under their belt, CA has plenty of money flowing in and that helps them build and maintain the robust cricketing infrastructure that produces scores of tremendous players year after year.

1. Board of Control for Cricket in India – Rs 33730 crore

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) tops the list with its worth being over 10 times more than its nearest competitor. The Indian Premier League (IPL) has sky-rocketed the board’s revenue sources by multifolds. IPL helps the BCCI rake in significant sums through both sponsorships as well as the sale of media rights.

The BCCI has set itself way too ahead of any of its peers when it comes to making money through cricket and a lot of factors, comprising both the support for the game in the country along with the team’s on-field performances and brand values of individuals stars have contributed towards the same.

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Tarkesh Jha
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