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Five Ways to Improve as a Cricket Player



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Five Ways to Improve as a Cricket Player –How to become a better Cricket Player

Cricket is a game that captures us. It glues us to the television screen (or smartphone more so these days). After watching our favourite players go at it, we give it a go and play ourselves. But, how can we constantly improve as cricket players and be the best we can be?

It is very easy to say ‘practice’, but it goes deeper than that. There are key things I believe can help any aspiring batsman or bowler improve as a cricket player.

Below are five!

1. Practice how you will play

Merely saying “practice” is too broad. Your practice should be with the right mindset, looking to get in your zone ahead of matches. For example, one common thing I heard was “why would you leave the ball in the nets?” Well, if you won’t bat in the nets the way you will bat in the match, then what’s the point? If you don’t try to focus on consistent line and length with the ball in practice, then it becomes more difficult to execute in the match.

Merely batting or bowling without the right mindset or end goal in practice can create bad habits. Specifically, a great way to improve is to set goals for yourself in practice. For example, “I am aiming for three wickets this sesssion” or “I will protect my wicket well.”

It’s crucial to have the right mindset when you train to help improve your game!

Cricket Blog: Five Ways to Improve as a Cricket Player. How to become a better Cricket Player
Five Ways to Improve as a Cricket Player: Nothing beats playing out in the middle, but net sessions are still crucial to hone skills.

2. Acknowledge your weaknesses and work on them

Admitting we have a weakness is never fun, but it’s a very important aspect of improving as a cricket player.

It could be that your front pad goes too far to the off-side too early. Or you don’t play the short ball well. Or the swinging ball.

Whatever it may be, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging you have something you should improve on. In fact, it’s a great step forward! It is why the likes of Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson are very good at what they do. They are not too proud to acknowledge their faults, and always look to improve. A fine example is Kohli working meticulously on his game after his poor tour of England in 2014, which was the catalyst of a stellar 2018 tour.

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3. Understand your strengths and build on them

While it’s important to acknowledge weaknesses, it’s also important to know your strengths!

But what does building on them mean?

It is important to not get complacent and disregard your strengths. You should continue to hone your skills in practice, such as continuously bowling your mean outswinger at a good line and length, extracting bounce from your height or playing that cover drive. Perfecting something means when you don’t get it wrong, rather than just getting it right a couple of times. Build confidence from your strengths and let them shape the cricket player you want to be.

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4. Constantly look to evolve your game

Similar to point three, but taking it to the next level.

The best players in the world constantly look to evolve, looking for ways they can improve their game. For example, Jasprit Bumrah burst onto the scene as an excellent white ball bowler, but then has adapted beautifully to the Test game. Bowlers like the great Dale Steyn focused on outswing very early in his career, but then developed the deadly inswinger. For you, it could be developing an inswinger as a seamer for variety, or an arm-ball for a spinner. For batsmen, you could be an excellent boundary hitter, but would like to find ways to rotate strike better.

Constantly looking for ways to improve, whilst understanding your strengths, is a great way to improve as a cricket player.

5. Believe in yourself

It is natural to have doubts and nerves when playing. We are hard wired to go on the defensive sometimes, which makes it all the more important to believe in yourself.

Because, if you don’t believe you’re good enough, you never will be.

The best players we looked up to (i.e. Ricky Ponting, Brian Lara, Shane Warne, Sachin Tendulkar) all had magnificent self belief. Listening to Shane Warne speak about his career, his self belief shone through. As a cricket player, it is crucial to believe you can go out there and do well. It is important to believe you can sort out any weaknesses and become the best you can be!

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So, there are my five ways to improve as a cricket player.

Have any yourself? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

Five Ways to Improve as a Cricket Player – How to become a better Cricket Player

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