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Funny Cricket Tweets 2018 V.3!



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Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog

High profile international cricket matches always means some funny cricket tweets as well.

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been some that have had me bursting out laughing. Travelling for work this week, I saw a couple that had me laughing pretty loudly in the hotel room, which had hoping the walls weren’t too thin. Everyone in the hotel probably heard me, though…

In what will be a regular post, I will share some of my favourite cricket tweets over the last two weeks. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Cricket Tweet #1: Nice guy Shikhar Dhawan!

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
I tweeted that if one of Shikhar Dhawan or Cheteshwar Pujara were to be left out, then maybe Dhawan should have been the one. 
But @chandu3110 had me laughing big time at this tweet. Dhawan, the team messenger! There is no excuse for any Indian batsman to not know how the pitch is performing! Beauty.

Cricket Tweet #2: John Cena or Virat Kohli?

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
One of my favourite tweets from the last couple of weeks. Adil Rashid’s ball to Kohli was scarier than The Undertaker, for sure!
Virat Kohli’s reaction to Adil Rashid’s “ball of all-time” as described (not quite) by the English media won Adil Rashid a Test call up. Great use of a John Cena GIF for cricketing purposes, @monicas004. Had me in stitches!

Cricket Tweet #3: Watch when you come to our territory…

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
@cricloverakku regularly puts out some absolute beauties, and this was another. 
Sri Lanka beat South Africa 2-0 in the recent Test series on turning tracks, and this tweet gave us a nice little insight into the kind of pitches Sri Lanka will be greeted with on their next visit. As green as the outfield! Beauty!

Cricket Tweet #4: Ah no, you don’t look like all I need.

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
A girl with barely any clothes on is not all you need when South Africa’s Test batting in Asia looked as convincing as Joe Root trying to convert a Test half century
AB de Villiers is really being missed. Awesome tweet from @Petrivz.

Cricket Tweet #5: Test Cricket, what are you doing to us?

@NeilManthorp is a commentator I enjoy listening to, and this tweet shows that he gets cricket!
Yep… when Test cricket is on, it is damn hard to get anything done. 
“Woops, six hours just went by…”

Cricket Tweet #6: Spot on mate, spot on

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
Yep, @imsanjivraman knows what’s up. He gets us Aussies. Under no circumstances are we to barrack for England.
I am a very nervous man today with England a chance of picking up victory in the first Test against India. Virat Kohli, all of Australia loves you right now… (well, I do).

Cricket Tweet #7: Bangalore 2016 re-lived!

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
Ah, @Holdthedoor19 could see the future!
Bangladesh won that first ODI, but when Mushfiqur was required to steer Bangladesh home in the second ODI, he got out slogging to deep midwicket. Deja vu World T20 Bangalore 2016. Internal celebrations before winning runs were hit! Nagin dance was looking very tempting…

Cricket Tweet #8: There is just no satisfying them!

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
One that had me in stitches. It’s so true. Well said @father_second.
Virat Kohli’s performance in this Test has been truly remarkable. It’s as if no batsman has ever been dropped before! Remember, world class batsmen make you pay for missed chances, and that’s what Kohli did. Had it not been for Kohli, this match would have been well over by now…
Number six had me in tears… If you’re a Kohli hater, it’s time to eat some humble pie…

Cricket Tweet #9: Not all smooth sailing for Sri Lanka in the Tests…

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
If you have read articles of mine, you’d know I love a joke or two. This was a beauty.
@Cricket365 concerned about Sri Lanka in a difficult series for South Africa. Serious risk of salmonella… Nice!

Cricket Tweet #10: English Media: Nah… but wait, he wasn’t English…

The English Media are so bad that when any spinner bowls a great delivery, you just have to take a dig at them!
Ravi Ashwin bowled two absolute beauties to Alastair Cook (who looks a little cooked), and @imsgshinde tweeted what we were all thinking!

Cricket Tweet #11: No doubt about it…

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
@Im_Arfan, the only thing I’d change in this tweet is “ball of the century” to “ball of the millennium.”
English commentators: “You could put two and count it as one, right?” 
Great tweet!

Cricket Tweet #12: Hey, could you replace the actual Ramiz in the commentary box?

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
Real Ramiz Raja: “That has gone for six on the full”
@RameezzRaja: Super tweets like this one.
Lovely description of Ravi Ashwin! I’d love to hear this in a commentary box!

Cricket Tweet #13: Daddy Hundreds for one, Daddy Ducks for the other…

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
Virat Kohli’s Daddy Hundreds reminded @DPJHodges of Alastair Cook’s struggles!
Had me laughing… But how long do England persist with Cook? Made even the more difficult when they haven’t adequately replaced his opening partner from six years ago. LOL.

Cricket Tweet #14: Dawid, this means it’s all over…

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
Even as I write this, I still laugh. Beautiful use of words to describe Dawid Malan’s place in the England team…
Don’t think Dawid will close the hole in his arse. Looks like his place in the team is gone. Funny stuff from @ThorleyAlex.

Cricket Tweet #15: Take that, England…

Funny Cricket Tweets Cricket Blog CricBlog
@Cricloverakku with another goodie. 
All the talk was about Kohli in the lead up to the series, and he has buried his previous England nightmares emphatically! The media riled Kohli up (with the help of Dawid Malan)… England need to be very careful about getting him fired up for the rest of the series.
So, there are my 15 favourite tweets from the last couple of weeks.
Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. 
Thanks for reading!

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