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Funny Cricket Tweets: October 2019 week 2



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Funny Cricket Tweets: October 2019 week 2. 15 funny cricket tweets from October 2019 week 2

Another week rapidly passes in the cricket world. One thing you can count on is fans on Twitter producing the goods. It’s happened again.

The common perception of Twitter is that it is the airbnb for arguments. If someone is willing to argue, Twitter will gladly host them and the guest will oblige.

But, I’m here to lighten the mood. In a week where India cruised past South Africa, Shane Watson’s social media was hacked and Sri Lanka picked up a superb T20I series win in Pakistan, fans were on song online.

Below are 15 funny cricket tweets to enjoy for this week.

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1. Rule number 1: Never set easy passwords

Poor Shane Watson had his Instagram and Twitter accounts hacked this week. @morro1972 had no sympathy, though, taking aim at Watson’s choice of password. Just loves LBW reviews!

2. Genius

@_cricketsparsh is one cricket content producer to keep an eye out for. With his YouTube channel, “Cricket with Sparsh“, Sparsh Telang provides insights on a range of topics to keep you engaged.

But, this isn’t to say that simplicity has no place in light-hearted content production. Pakistan’s T20I clean sweep at the hands of Sri Lanka at home just needed the one word. Watch out brainiacs of the world, Sarfaraz Ahmed’s genius is making waves.

3. 000,051?

So busy promoting solar energy, that no energy (or awareness) was left to turn the cheque the right way round. Translated to mean “bro, look at the cheque first before giving”, @darpanjain103 summed things up perfectly.

Boy, that T20I series was a really tough one for Pakistan, hey?

4. Twice the player

Last week, we explored the similarities between Umar Akmal and Sir Donald Bradman. Both finished their careers with a duck.

@arindam_dr89 took it a step further, highlighting Umar Akmal’s special feat of two ducks to finish his career. Twice the player. Funny stuff.

5. Peeta Parker…

One of the great captions. ‘Peeta’ Parker (Peeta is referred to as drinker) has the power to stop anything in his path.

Just too good from @its_tabrez_.

6. “What”

Rohit Sharma wasn’t in the runs in the second Test, but there were some great photos taken of him. The first was when a fan tried to touch his feet, followed by this one after taking a catch.

Caption opportunity. @AmanCric19_ gets an A.

7. Another A

It is well known that Ravi Shastri enjoys a drink or two. The problem occurs when a player mistakes his bottle for water. Funny, funny stuff from @imRAVIranwa45!

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8. Great to see the ICC acting so proactively…

The last thing we need is a boundary count to decide such a major event…

Oh wait. Brilliant as always from @CSKian716, using sarcasm to make a great point.

9. Quite the contrast

India are often unstoppable against an opposition’s top order in recent times. However, when it comes to the tail, they have a tendency to struggle.

It is quite the contrast. @FourOverthrows has given us the perfect visual for the situation!

10. It’s been a long time…

Look at this Virat Kohli. No sponsors, no MRF, no beard.

It really feels that long since India cleaned a tail up with ease. Brilliant tweet from @brainfadesmith2.

11. Careful what you wish for 101

@absycric’s Twitter bio reads: “Tries to be funny”.

Successful. This is an account you need to follow for a laugh.

In 2016, Temba Bavuma turned into Jofra Archer. His desire to watch Kohli and Rahane bat all day came back to haunt him, as the pair put on a 178-run stand against his team in the recent second Test. A great lesson from @absycric. Professor-worthy.

12. Not happy…

Rohit vs Kohli fanwars on Twitter are as ridiculous as they are hilarious. Unfortunately for South Africa, the Rohit vs Kohli Twitter battle was more competitive than the on-field action.

@RealFun14 summed it up perfectly. Virat Kohli’s unbeaten double century meant bad news for those who don’t have a soft spot for the Indian captain. Great caption!

13. “Not bad”

How all the guys in the club react when an attractive lady shows up. A great caption, this time from @Aamir_Ateek!

14. “This can’t be real…”

I thought “Photoshop”. But not before scaring the entire neighbourhood with my loud laughter.

The real video image is below, but this tweet from @Tanzeelified is pure gold. I so want to watch a video from Shahid Afridi telling us how to bat sensibly…

The real video!

15. Michael Vaughan… Always winning

Michael Vaughan won the Ashes in 2005. Now he’s winning on Twitter.

The man believes in his jinxing abilities. He also believes in his expertise. So, no matter what happens when he makes a claim, he will always win.

The result? We have to deal with it. This is articulated perfectly by @Boomrah_, which still has me giggling away now.

So, there are 15 funny cricket tweets from the second week of October 2019.

Have any you’d like included in the next edition of funny tweets? Tag or send them through to me via Twitter at @cric_blog.

Thanks for reading!

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