How to create your own customized IPL jersey with Hyve Sports

How to create your own customized IPL jersey with Hyve Sports | Create your own custom IPL shirt | IPL Jerseys

Introducing you to a very exciting creation. Your own custom IPL jersey.

How?“, You might ask.

Well, I’m here to tell you that with a few simple drag-and-drops, you can create your own customized IPL jersey with Hyve Sports. In this article, I will show you a few key steps on how to create your jersey, with screenshots and a video to help guide you. I will be using the RCB jersey as the example.

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The product and customization page

Here is how the product page looks. Simply click on “Customize Design”, after you select the size.

You will then be taken through to the designer page. On the designer page, you will see the left-hand menu, where you can add text, images (copyright compliant), numbers and more. On the right-menu, you have flip tools, move tools and the delete function.

Begin adding elements to your IPL jersey

Note, you can make edits only in the rectangle provided by Hyve Sports (highlighted in the below image). Here, I will show you my finished jersey and take you through the steps I took to create it!

Here is my custom RCB IPL jersey! Below this image, I will show you the steps I took to creating it.

In my customized IPL jersey, I have added:

  • My blog logo (CricBlog)
  • RCB’s slogan – #PlayBold
  • My name on the back (Charbel), with AB de Villiers’ #17

For my logo, I simply uploaded the image. To do this, click “upload image” and search for the image you want in your files. Then you can drag and resize the image to position it where and how you want to.

Note: The image must be copyright compliant.

Next, click “add text” to add text to your jersey. In the screenshot below, you will see the word “hello”. This is what automatically pops up. You edit your text in the box where the arrow is pointing. Also, you can change the colour of your text, as well as choose from a number of different fonts that Hyve Sports have made available for you.

I chose Arial as my font and white for the text colour. Then, I typed “#PlayBold” in the box, and then dragged it to where I want to place it. To increase size of the font, simply drag the text box outwards.

You have the option to add other features, such as art, available in the left-hand menu. For my jersey, I am happy with the front. Now, I will focus on the back. To work on the back of the jersey, click “back”.

To add a name and number, select “name and number” on the left-hand menu. You will then see two small boxes labeled “name” and “number”. Check both boxes so they appear on your jersey.

Type in your name and number in the boxes. Then, drag your name and number to where you want them positioned. To increase/decrease size of text, simply drag the text box outward/inward.

Also, you can view your progress by selecting “view”.

Once you’re happy with your customized IPL fan jersey, you’re ready to go! Click “buy now”, where you can then add the discount code HCRIC10 at checkout to get 10% off.

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