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How to earn money from cricket betting online in India



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How to earn money from cricket betting online in India | Here are some key tips and ways to increase chances of winning in cricket betting online in India

In this article, you will come across everything you need to know about the essential betting rules in order to earn money on cricket betting. Get all the information on how to start making money, make win predictions via using maths, choose a proper market and the right bookmaker.

As you can see, betting on cricket and then earning from it is no rocket science. It is as easy as ABC, provided you know the right way to do it. And before we provide a guide for you on how to earn money on cricket bets, we just wanted to make sure that you are aware of the fact that in India the laws against gambling are formed only against the offline modes. However, if you are found betting through an online mode, you would not be in trouble. As there are no laws against online sports betting. Learn more about cricket betting at https://cricketbettingguru.com/

Now, the first thing that you have to understand is that cricket/sports betting is a lot like the share market. A lot of people might not agree with this but it is the truth. You analyse the situation and make an educated guess about the outcome and earn money from it. In cricket, you have to consider a lot of factors. These factors include:

  • Weather;
  • Pitch report;
  • Team combination;
  • Strengths and weakness of players;
  • Spin and pace combination;
  • Past records;
  • Player’s form, etc.

In a lot of the matches, you can predict the winner with around 90% accuracy. But you can never earn money from the matches, where it is very obvious to predict the winner. For example: in a match between Australia and Kenya, we all know who is going to win 99.99% of the time. The ratio offered on a strong team’s win (in our Example – Australia) would be so low that even after investing a huge amount of money, you would just be getting pennies in return.

You earn money from matches between two good teams. So here comes the first tip:

Identify the “Value”

How to earn money from cricket betting online in India

Value, in betting terms, means that the odds are in favour of the gambler by some margin. If you are able to detect value as early as possible then you’re at an advantage. Usually, you want to bet before the price inevitably moves down (falls) on the betting exchange.

To find value, you have to be able to judge the price and not just try to “pick winners”. Let’s imagine that we put this in football terms – then we can pick Real Madrid to be the winner every game. You will win a lot of bets in doing that — but do you make any profit?

No, you don’t.

The odds for a Real Madrid win aren’t usually good enough to offset the times they do happen to unexpectedly draw or lose.

Go into long-term markets 

In fact, you can earn money from any team sport that has a league basis by trading the long term markets. Indeed, it is worth mentioning that betting on long term markets is the EASIEST way to make money from betting.  So put your time and efforts into betting the long-term markets.

Try Test Match Cricket 

How to earn money from cricket betting online in India

The maximum conventional shape of cricket is the Test Match variety. This is performed over 5 days except the end result is determined in advance and all of it comes right all the way down to which facet ratings the maximum runs. However, a prevailing facet has to additionally bowl out the competition on occasions.

Test Matches are performed at the membership stage in exclusive international locations despite the fact that the mass enchantment comes while there are International Test Matches. 

Beyond Test Match Cricket, you’ve got the polar contrary in Twenty20 cricket – which is a shortened format of cricket, with this layout proving wildly famous in contemporary-day times. It has been embraced with the aid of using all cricket-gambling international locations because of the short and livid nature of seeking to rate as many runs as feasible in 20 overs.

Somewhere in between, you’ve got the One Day Internationals or 50-Over suits in which membership or international locations compete in opposition to every different withinside the area of a day. This isn’t high-octane as compared to Twenty20 despite the fact that batsmen can’t grasp approximately with regards to collecting runs and the equal applies to bowlers whose remit is to take wickets or hold the rating down.

You can bet on the winner of a cricket fit. For a Twenty20 fit, there’s almost continually a winner as groups hardly ever come to be at an equally wide variety of runs. For a Test Match, it’s a three-manner marketplace in which you could bet on Team A, Team B, or The Draw.

You also can bet on Top Match Bowler, Top Team Bowler, Top Match Batsman, and Top Team Batsman, even as there are different pre-fit markets along with Total Sixes, Total Fours and Total Team Runs.

Bookmakers provide ball-to-ball insurance and you could additionally bet on Runs withinside the Next Over, Runs from the subsequent Ball, and Wicket withinside the Next Over. These kinds of markets don’t provide the finest facet in opposition to the residence despite the fact that there can on occasion be the price if you’ve been looking for a fit lengthy sufficient to evaluate a position.

Choose right bookmakers 

Now, coming to the question of trying to use foreign bookmakers – you can use a branch of foreign-based online sports betting sites in India. Most of the websites advertise themselves as their predictions on betting are 100% true but this is not at all a fact.

Here, on the above-mentioned bookmakers,  you can seek help when required.


It is a site based in Malta. It is extremely rewarding and experienced when it comes to providing world-class services. You will be very pleased to try their set of services such as instant cash withdrawal and 24×7 dedicated customer support.


This site is UK based. The range of sports here is okay-ish. The minimum deal is to deposit at least INR 300. When you went for withdrawal Customer Support said that you need to have at least INR 1000 as winning to withdraw. In addition, 4raBet’s official Instagram and telegram groups daily post Paytm payout screenshots made to various users of the website. 


This is a Russian brand. This site has a very basic UI and a decent range of sports. The website not only has a safe transaction service but also has dedicated customer support for Indian audiences which is the most important concern for most of the users.


Fun88 has one of the better deals for a welcome offer than many others in the market and is an interesting proposition for players to take. Fun88 is the United Kingdom-based sports betting company that offers mobile versions too for the games that they offer. They mainly deal with betting on sports and claim to be responsive, safe and secure.


Parimatch is a Cyprus based site. This site has a huge range of sports and impressive betting odds. Monetary services here are smooth too. In addition, Parimatch is accepting Indian Rupees.


If you are an Indian and want to get into cricket betting, Crickex is your best option out there. Crickex is based on cricket betting, but it also serves as an online casino and hosts various other games and sports for betting. The games are fairly easy to play if you know the basic rules and regulations of different types of betting. Crickex having partnered with various E-Wallets, you can easily transfer through various e-wallets like Rupee-0, PhonePe, etc. You can also transfer money through a bank account and UPI ID. They have great customer support that works 24/7 and can help you solve any problem that arises.

With that being said, Crickex exchange platform is totally safe to play and make real money out of it.


There are such a lot of variables with regards to this game. Mostly the house wins because people always tend to make some simple mistake or the other. So, be sure to keep key betting tips in mind.

If you try matched betting which uses an oddsmatcher you will see that there are a huge number of straight arbitrage opportunities non-stop in every sport.

Once you understand how to back and lay the same selection you will see that it is laughably easy to win 100% of the time if you concentrate on the maths and not the sport and form. If you understand the sport, you are good and fast at mathematics and can watch the entire match, you can earn money from this. 

Good luck!

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