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If Arsenal FC were a cricket team, who would they be?



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As you can see, I am a cricket fanatic, with a huge love for the game. Unfortunately, I am also an Arsenal fanatic, forced to go through awful performance after awful performance, especially away from home. So, despite the exciting signing of Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, I saw more terrible defeats by Arsenal, this time to our biggest rivals in the Premier League, Tottenham and then Ostersunds in the Europa League. It got me thinking – why not use my disappointment with Arsenal as an opportunity for a little fun, and have a think about which international cricket side Arsenal FC would be?

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A few teams come to mind right away for me. India and Australia, like Arsenal, aren’t as good away as they are at home, but don’t show the inconsistency Arsenal do. So they are both out of the question. England, especially in Test cricket in recent times, can give their fans a hard time, just like Arsenal do, but they are a terrific limited overs team. South Africa deserve to be no.1 in Tests, and New Zealand punch above their weight.

For me, it has to be a side that promises so much, and yet you never know what you will get. A side that on its day, can be one of the best in the world, and then the next day could be off day, where they are the one of the worst in the world. A team that wins the Champions Trophy, and then six months or so later, give up a series in New Zealand by getting bowled out for 74. Like Arsenal beating Chelsea last week then losing to Swansea this week, this cricket side can challenge any side in the world on their day, but lose to any side on another day.

You guessed right, Pakistan.

If Arsenal were a cricket team, they’d be Pakistan. Both teams are full of talent and promise, and yet can’t quite go to the next level. Pakistan are ranked 7th in Tests, and this should be better looking at their bowling attack. In ODIs, they sit 6th (like Arsenal), despite winning the Champions Trophy! In T20Is though, Pakistan are first. The equivalent of that for me would be Arsenal in the League Cup Final, which they are!

So what do you think? Do you think another cricket team better represents Arsenal?


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