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Debate! Are fans enjoying the high scoring matches in IPL 2024?



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Cricket News: IPL 2024 has been filled with high scoring matches with boundaries galore. But, are fans enjoying them?

Before the 2024 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), debates were rife on which teams will make the playoffs and who will go on to win the title.

Fast forward to late April, and debates have shifted to the huge totals. From 2008 to 2022, there was only one 250+ score. Since the start of 2023, there have been nine, including Delhi’s 257/4 barely hours after Punjab Kings sealed an extraordinary chase of 262 with 10 balls to spare in Kolkata thanks to wonderful batting by Jonny Bairstow, Prabhsimran Singh, and Shashank Singh.

The 2024 edition of the IPL has been like no other. Records have tumbled one after the other. The match between KKR and PBKS saw 42 sixes, the most ever in any T20 match. The previous highest was 38 by MI and SRH last month, as well as RCB and SRH just last week.

Also, the 523 runs in total was the second-highest ever in T20s. The highest? 549 between RCB and SRH in Bengaluru earlier this season where the hosts made a measly 262 in response to Hyderabad’s 287.

The key issue here is should there be more of a balance in terms of the pitches? Is the impact player rule skewing things too much in favour of the batters? Is it better to have the odd high-scoring game instead of one seemingly every day?

Debate: What do fans think of the high scoring matches in IPL 2024?

These questions are cause for debates on social media, with arguments for and against the big totals. Here is a look at both. Which side are you on?

Arguments against plethora of regular huge totals

Those against the glut of run-fests believe there needs to be more of a balance. Thrilling contests where both parties can have a say make for the most memorable ones. Also, fans are calling for the impact player rule to be removed next season.

“Sixes were cool and exciting because they were rare. But when every ball is going into the stands, it becomes boring,” one fan tweeted. “Maybe I’m not the right audience, but for me there’s no fun watching 250 games everyday.”

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Arguments in favour of high-scoring matches

Those in favour of the high-scoring matches believe entertainment is the main ingredient in the IPL and T20 as a whole. Also, the argument is that bowlers need to find ways to adapt. Case in point is the likes of Sunil Narine and Jasprit Bumrah still performing brilliantly.

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