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What does the future of cricket look like according to fans?



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Cricket News: What does the future of cricket look like according to fans? | Looking at the future of cricket: How it’s changed and where it’s heading

Cricket News: What does the future of cricket look like according to fans? | Looking at the future of cricket: How it's changed and where it's heading

The future of cricket is one of the hottest topics in the game right now. Amplified by the rise of T20 leagues, international retirements and crammed scheduling, conversations around cricket’s future are almost impossible to miss.

To get a feel of what fans believe the future looks like, CricBlog ran a poll focusing on cricket’s current landscape plus what the game will look like in 15 years, including leagues, Olympics and Test cricket.

Future of cricket: Where do fans see the game in the next 10-15 years?

Out of over 4,700 respondents, 37.4% believed that cricket will be a regular feature in the Olympic games. This is the case for 2028 in Los Angeles, and the hope is that cricket continues to be a part of the Olympics.

44% of respondents expect women’s cricket to go from strength to strength. The Women’s IPL kicked off in 2023, and will see the game flourish even more as the best cricketers from India and around the world compete. Also, with the WBBL achieving record numbers in 2021, fans expect to see more women’s leagues around the world.

Speaking of the IPL, a huge 65% of respondents believe that T20 leagues, including the IPL, will take up 6-9 months in the calendar within the next 10-15 years. In 2022, former India coach Ravi Shastri said that such an event is inevitable given the league’s financial might, highlighted by the mammoth broadcast rights which put the IPL behind only the NFL in terms of value per match.

Also, 75% of respondents believe that IPL franchise owners can hold more power than cricket boards in the future. In April 2023, a report suggested that such owners have approached England players to offer lucrative T20 contracts for millions of pounds per year, making franchises the players’ employer rather than boards or county. Plus, Cricket South Africa is set to take a weakened Test squad to New Zealand as the SA 20 is prioritised given the investment in the league from IPL franchise owners.

Future of Test cricket safe for now in the eyes of the fans

A huge 89.3% of respondents said that Test cricket will still be alive in 2038. The game’s most traditional format, which has delivered endless memories over the years, is also at a crossroads given the rise of domestic leagues around the world. However, fans believe the format still has a place as it is the ultimate test of skill and can balance out the incredible pace at which white-ball cricket moves.

But, Tests are expensive to host for boards around the world. Whether they are financially feasible enough for nations other than England, Australia and India remains to be seen. Perhaps there is a need for the ICC to step in and make Test cricket as accessible as possible for fans. In fact, a number of respondents said there must be a more equal distribution of funds to ensure Tests are financially feasible for nations. Other respondents called for more day/night Tests, more affordable tickets, a reduction in T20Is and better marketing.

Some key Test cricket findings:

  • 46.12% of respondents called for the away team to make a decision to bat or bowl first.
  • 25.11% said less white-ball bilaterals will allow for more build up to and excitement for Tests.
  • 17.36% are in support of four-day Tests.

Will ODI cricket survive the next 10-15 years?

Also 65% of respondents believe that the IPL and T20 leagues will take up 6-9 months of the year. As a result, such a crammed calendar leaves international cricket in a vulnerable place. A number of players, including Usman Khawaja, Moeen Ali and Ravichandran Ashwin, have spoken of the threat facing One Day Internationals (ODIs).

A number of players have retired from ODIs and many others skip series which has prompted even greater discussion as to how ODIs fit in the calendar going forward. While there are plenty of one dayers scheduled in the 2023-27 FTP, 31.9% of respondents believe there will be no more ODIs in the next 10-15 years.

Also, 49.1% of respondents said ODI cricket should go if they had to drop a format to reduce pressure on scheduling, compared to 42.2% for T20Is and just 8.7% for Tests.

Some key ODI cricket findings:

  • 58.47% of respondents said that limiting the number of T20 Internationals will revitalise ODI cricket.
  • 38.76% said there needs to be more set windows for ODIs throughout the year.
  • 36.85% called for more sporting wickets that seam and spin.
  • 29.92% believe only one ball should be used rather than one from each end.
Charbel Coorey
Charbel Coorey
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    I am Samraj, A cricket fan like you. I love how you collect and provide information to us in this easy and fun way to consume. I wanted to appreciate you and wanted to share my views too, so, i totally agree on dropping the ODI’s format to free up tight schedule and it also helps players to rest and be a better version of themselves in important matches.
    but i am curious about why 41% people think that T20 format should be dropped because according to me it’s one of the best format in the game as it provide fast paced action that is pleasing to watch and can be enjoyed with family and friends. According to me it’s the sweet spot of all format cause if you choose T10 it’s way to short compared to T20 and ODI’s are way to long.
    Just a preference by the way you are doing a great job i really like how to displayed the information in graphics which makes it a lot easier to understand than text .

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