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Talent or hard work? The key to becoming a good cricketer



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Whenever we think about great cricket players like Sir Don Bradman, Brian Lara, Sir Viv Richards, or any other exceptional cricketer, we always think if they had any special talents or was hard work enough to make them among the greatest players of all time. It is a long debate, and everyone has different views about it. So, we will elaborate on a few points to clarify what it requires to be a good cricket player.

The importance of talent for a cricketer

Talent is important in a cricketer’s life as it gives a smooth head start. When a player is born gifted with a special talent, they can perform well in that part of the game. For instance, it can be a special batting shot or bowling action.

Additionally, this talent helps selectors to identify the better players in the early stages of their cricketing careers. Coaches can create great players by selecting the talented ones and polishing them.

What is the importance of hard work in a cricketer’s life?

Talent might be important in a cricket player’s life, but hard work is also very important. Even when a player is not born gifted with a special talent, he or she can still achieve some skills through hard work that polishes their abilities.

All players need the right coaching, and they can improve significantly by working hard. However, it needs more input from the players when they don’t have a god-gifted talent. Hard work will push a player to the limits of the best performance.

Your daily routine never stays the same

Speaking of hard work in a cricket player’s life, it is not only about them playing. Good cricketers must work hard throughout their day. Here are some routine activities that every hard-working cricketer follows during the day:

  • Body workout for 2 hours
  • Working on cricketing skills for 3 hours
  • Monitoring sleeping time
  • Monitoring diet, etc.

Is there anything else that you need from talent and hard work?

You might have the talent, hardwork or both. To become a good cricketer, these may not be enough. Sometimes, it becomes the state of mind that overcomes physical abilities. So, having the following is necessary for everyone who wants to be a good cricket player:

  • Passion for the sport
  • Determination to achieve the success
  • Talent and hard work
  • Dedication and commitment to yourself

When you combine your physical abilities, talent, and hard work, with a state of mind, determination, and passion, there will be no stopping you.

Bonus Tip:

It is important that you always stay positive and motivated. There will be some good days and some bad days in your career. With a positive mindset and necessary motivation, you can use your skills and abilities to their fullest and perform well.

Final Verdict

Some cricket players are born gifted with a special talent, while some are self-polished players. However, it is safe to say that nobody is born in their best form. While talented players get a slight edge in their early days, if they work hard enough, they can also achieve the same heights of success. Lastly, talented ones who use hard work to polish themselves are always the best.

Charbel Coorey
Charbel Coorey
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