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Top 10 Best Cricket Bats for Passionate Cricket Players



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Top 10 Best Cricket Bats for Passionate Cricket Players | Best Cricket Bats 2020 | Top Bats for Cricket Players in 2020

There are not many things more exciting for a cricket player than the sight of the best cricket bats in the world.

In this article, Sturdy Sports have compiled a list of their top 10 cricket bats for serious cricketers. And, let me tell you, they are all magnificent bats, so choosing the number one pick was one mighty ask.

So, from Gray Nicholls to Gunn and Moore to MRF, here are the top 10 bats for aspiring cricketers:

10. Kookaburra Blaze Pro Player Cricket Bat – Senior

Endorsed by Jos Buttler. Stunning graphics. Need we say more?

The Kookaburra Blaze Pro Player Cricket Bat is perfect for players who focus on their power game. Apart from its amazing look, this bat has a number of awesome features which makes it a quality selection.

  • Big sweet spot: Located just 195mm-215mm from the toe.
  • Big edges: 35mm edges, and high-quality English willow to boot.
  • Light pickup: Powerful bat that’s light and easy to execute a full swing. A bat too heavy would be too difficult for strokeplay.
Top 10 Best Cricket Bats for Passionate Cricket Players | Best Cricket Bats 2020 | Top Bats for Cricket Players in 2020 | Best Bat in the World 2020

9. MRF AB de Villiers Genius Elite (SH)

From one white-ball superstar (Jos Buttler) to one of the greatest there has ever been. AB de Villiers is a player who has thrilled all over the globe, and his bat features in this list.

The MRF ABD Genius Elite is built to suit ABD’s explosive style of batting. So, if ABD is an idol of yours or you simply love thrilling strokeplay, then this is one to consider.

  • Mid-to-low sweet spot: Hit the ball lower on the bat? No worries. The ball will still travel a great distance.
  • Semi-oval handle: Allows for top-hand dominant players to also feel comfortable with this bat.
  • 8-12 straight grains: The more grains, and the straighter they are, the higher the quaility of bat. This bat has plenty of them.
Top 10 Best Cricket Bats for Passionate Cricket Players | Best Cricket Bats 2020 | Top Bats for Cricket Players in 2020 | Best Bat in the World 2020

8. Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Bat – Senior

Gray Nicholls is one of cricket’s most established and reputable brands. For many years, they have produced beautiful, classic cricket bats, and the Gray Nicholls Legend is no different.

  • Powercurve bat face enhances the feel of strokeplay.
  • Light pickup and large edges for maximum value for your shots.
  • Matrix Plus and Semi-oval grip for maximum comfort when batting.
Top 10 Best Cricket Bats for Passionate Cricket Players | Best Cricket Bats 2020 | Top Bats for Cricket Players in 2020 | Best Bat in the World 2020

7. SG Sunny Tonny English Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle

Named after the great Sunil Gavaskar, the SG Sunny Tonny Bat features in this list. SG is one of the most established and trusted brands in India, so any SG bat you get comes with a rich history.

  • Stunning-yet-simple silver, white and red look.
  • Excellent, light pickup and big edges: Play your shots with ease.
  • Grade 1 Willow hand crafted and air dried (minimal moisture which helps ensure the bat lasts longer): Straight and evenly distributed grains, indicating very high quality.
Top 10 Best Cricket Bats for Passionate Cricket Players | Best Cricket Bats 2020 | Top Bats for Cricket Players in 2020 | Best Bat in the World 2020

6. BAS Retro Vintage MS Dhoni Edition English Willow

There aren’t many cricketers who get emotions skyhigh and heartbeats racing like MS Dhoni. His bat, the BAS Retro Vintage MS Dhoni Edition, makes this list.

The bat, much like Dhoni, is very simple but effective:

  • Long middle profile: Great value for shots if you hit the ball anywhere near the middle of the bat.
  • 36-40mm edges: Some of the biggest edges in the market.
  • Able to withstand pressure from pace bowling: 12 piece treble spring cane handle.

5. SS Gladiator Player Grade Cricket Bat

This one catches your eye. Better, the SS Gladiator Player Grade Bat has captured the hearts of many leading international players over the years, including Kumar Sangakkara and Kieron Pollard.

What makes the SS Gladiator a good pick?

  • High-quality English Willow: 8-12 straight grains.
  • Bat focused on balance, with weight distributed evenly down the blade.
  • Round and thin handle: suited particularly to bottom-hand dominant players.

4. New Balance TC 1260 Limited Edition 19/20 Cricket Bat

Style. Elegance. Prestige.

The New Balance TC 1260 Limited Edition 19/20 Bat has just about everything you want in a cricket bat: looks, great features and one you’ll be proud to own.

  • High quality to go with the nice look: Grade 1 English Willow, and 8-11 straight grains.
  • 39-40mm edges: one of the biggest profiles in the market.
  • Light pickup and large middle that enables maximum value for shots.

3. MRF Virat Kohli Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat

It isn’t a batting discussion if Virat Kohli’s name isn’t mentioned. Part of MRF’s Genius range is the Virat Kohli Limited Edition version, which is perfect for the up-and-coming player.

  • Ideal for a serious cricketer who wants to pay a little less but still get a high-quality bat.
  • Thick edges and weight evenly balanced throughout the blade.
  • 6-8 straight grains, indicating strong quality.

2. MRF Virat Kohli Chase Master English Willow Cricket Bat

Now, here is the premium version. The Chase Master. One of the world’s best bats.

This bat is part of MRF’s top-of-the-line range, with the bat produced and designed with Kohli’s strengths in mind. This includes an exaggerated hump in the sweet spot putting so much power in the center of the bat.

  • Light pickup: Yes, the bat has big edges, but it is still incredibly light.
  • Semi-Oval handle: Get the power, while you get the control.
  • Fully-Balanced Profile: Ball is sure to fly off the blade no matter where it strikes.

1. Gunn and Moore Noir 909 Cricket Bat

Gunn and Moore (GM) have been around for quite some time. And, when you think of GM, you think of some of the most beautiful drivers of the ball, such as Shane Watson, Michael Vaughan and Ben Stokes.

The GM Noir 909 Cricket Bat is a great option for professional (or aspiring) cricketers.

  • High spine, allowing for free-flowing and confident driving.
  • Mid-low sweet spot, particularly useful on even-paced or slower pitches.
  • Grade 1 English Willow and 7-10 grains, indicating top quality.

So, there are the top 10 bats for aspiring cricketers, courtesy of Sturdy Sports. Which is your favourite?

Thanks for reading!

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