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Top cricket betting apps in 2024: A comprehensive guide



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A comprehensive deep-dive into the top cricket betting apps for 2024: Which websites should you focus on for this year?

Cricket is among those few sports that are grabbing headlines these days. It is the second-most popular after football on the planet and is being played in over 100 countries. This sport is not only popular among enthusiasts but also among bettors who invest in cricket betting in an attempt to earn money from their cricketing knowledge.

However, you should be careful before putting your money at stake because you can lose. Before you bet, be sure to follow these key tips:

  • Select matches you have more knowledge in.
  • Ensure you do the necessary research so you are across key stats, head-to-head player matchups, pitch conditions, and more.
  • Select a budget and do not chase your losses.

Also, finding a cricket betting app you can trust is crucial. You can look for customer reviews which will give you an idea of how satisfied previous customers are. Go a step ahead by talking to the previous customers (if possible), which will give you first-hand experience and help you make a decision.

To add to the convenience, betting websites have launched their apps, which is to capitalize on the mobile audience as most people are using their phones for browsing the internet. Let’s talk about the best cricket betting apps that you can tap into in 2024..

7 great cricket betting apps for 2024:


Bet365 is a reputed mobile betting app that provides its customers with features that they can’t even think of. It is a household name in the sports betting world and when we talk about Bet365’s cricket betting app which lives up to the reputation. As a bettor, you have a lot of cricket matches to place your bets on.

To add to your convenience and take you closer to winning, Bet365’s cricket betting app offers features like live streaming and in-play betting that make this app a comprehensive choice for cricket enthusiasts.


10Cric is another popular cricket betting app that caters specifically to the Indian market. It is considered among the best cricket betting apps and covers most of the prominent cricket tournaments ranging from the Indian Premier League (IPL), Ranji Trophy and the series’ involving the Indian national cricket team.

When we talk the payment options, then this website provides convenient deposit and withdrawal options in Indian rupees. Its dedicated focus on cricket makes this betting app popular among cricket bettors.


Unibet cricket betting app is widely popular for its global appeal and diversity that covers a wide range of domestic and international cricket tournaments. When it comes to the betting options that bettors will find on this portal, then to your surprise, this app provides competitive odds and a wide range of betting options to choose from.

The clean and intuitive navigation of the Unibet cricket betting app makes it an excellent choice for punters who are in search of a reliable and comprehensive cricket betting app.


Betway cricket betting is best known for its user-friendly interface and wide array of cricket markets. It is among the few cricket betting apps that offer its users the facility of live streaming of cricket matches to make it easier for them to follow the action in real time.

Their commitment to responsible gambling and offering a seamless betting experience to their users make it the first choice of cricket enthusiasts.


Parimatch is a cricket betting that has gained more attention from bettors than similar apps due to its user-friendly interface, competitive odds, and diverse cricket markets. Apart from cricket betting, this app allows you to earn money by playing online casinos and other online games. The good news is that this app provides in-depth stats and cricket tips to take you closer to winning your bets.


Betfair is best known for bringing an exchange model into sports betting, allowing users to bet against each other. What makes this betting app unique is its cricket betting in real-time feature. You have a wide range of markets to place your cricket bets on and generate a side income for yourself. This app is perfect for bettors who are looking for a different dimension to cricket betting.


Betfred cricket betting app is proud of its reliability and trustworthiness among its users. This app keeps customers’ data security on top so as a bettor you don’t need to worry about your personal information. You are provided with a variety of cricket matches to place your cricket bets on. The user-friendly interface makes it easier for bettors to place their cricket bets in a quick time.

Bottom Line

Winning your cricket bets requires extensive research and hard work. Apart from this, you need to select the right cricket betting app to place your cricket bets. In this post, we have discussed the top cricket betting apps and you can choose among these apps to fulfil your desire of placing cricket bets. The apps discussed here are best known for their user-friendliness and security features so you should refer to this post before putting your money into cricket betting.

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