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“Warnie” series cops scathing & negative review



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Cricket News: “Warnie” series cops scathing review | Channel 9’s “Warnie” documentary receives largely negative reviews

A little over a year since the great Shane Warne’s passing, Channel 9 Australia launched a two-night drama series “Warnie” with the intention of “celebrating the life of an Aussie icon.” However, it has been widely described as “rushed”, “cringey” and “putrid”.

Part one aired on the evening of 25th June, and was met by widespread negative reviews. The documentary, condemned as disrespectful to Warne and his family, focuses on both the highs and lows of Warne’s life; from the Gatting delivery to failed drug tests and the match fixing controversy. In addition, the casting choices, acting and overall production were widely criticised, with viewers claiming the documentary does no justice to one of cricket’s greatest ever.

Previously, Brooke Warne, Shane’s eldest daughter, accused Nine of being “beyond disrespectful” and “insensitive” to go ahead with the series just a few months after the legendary legspinner’s death. Also, she claimed it a “a ratings ploy”; a view shared by the majority of viewers online.

Warne’s ex-wife and mother of his three children, Simone Callahan, also took aim at Nine. “I haven’t wanted to read into too much about it, but I think it’s a bit unkind and mean spirited to be honest,’’ she said to Herald Sun.

“It’s my opinion. He’s just passed, let him rest in peace. And for the kids, I just believe that they’re not showing any compassion at all by putting this out there in such a short amount of time after this has happened.”

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Reactions to “Warnie” documentary: Fans leave scathing review

“Channel 9’s Warnie, is the worst thing I have ever seen and an embarrassment to his legacy. A genuine car crash you can’t stop watching. Channel 9 I am boycotting you (ashes aside) for the next 3 years,” one tweet read.

“As expected, #Warnie is absolute bin juice, almost insulting. I understand the need to take creative licence, but this is outrageous. SKW’s life deserves a $50 million Hollywood feature, not this cheap as chips, TV movie from Wish which might as well be called Underbelly: Warnie,” read another.

Below are some of the reactions to the documentary.

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