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What are the different types of online cricket betting?



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Cricket Betting education & tips: What are the different types of online cricket betting? | A look at how online cricket betting works

Cricket is a popular sport, born in England, offering numerous betting opportunities. There are different ways to bet on cricket, including match betting, tied match, completed match top batsman, top bowler, series and tournament winners, and tied match.

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Types of Cricket Betting

To understand how cricket betting works, you must understand the different types of betting available in cricket. Let us look at some of these.

#1: Match Cricket Betting

This is the most popular bet in cricket. It is simple and works well for beginners. How does match betting work? You only have to choose one of three options.

These options include the home team winning the match, the away team winning the match, or the teams will draw. It is pretty straightforward and does not require any special strategy apart from learning all about the teams in the match.

#2: Completed Match

This type of bet is based on the bettor’s belief that a match will finish on the same day or extend to another. Cricket games can sometimes last longer than a day because of weather conditions. A punter can bet on whether the match will be finished the day it starts or extended to another day. This is also an easy bet to place.

#3: Tied Match

Here is another simple bet type. A tied match bet requires a punter to choose whether or not a match will end in a tie. If their choice is correct, they win the bet and get the prize.

#4: Top Bowler

This type of bet requires that a bettor choose the player from either team that will have the most wickets in the series or match. If the choice is correct, they win the bet.

#5: Bowler Match Bet

This is like the top bowler but a simplified version. Instead of betting on the top bowler among all players, a bowler match bet offers you two players, and you have to choose the correct player that will be the top bowler from the two.

#6: Top Batsman Betting

The top batsman bet lets a punter predict the player that will score the most goals in a match or series. The player can be from either of the teams.

A punter can also bet on the team that will be crowned the top batsman for the match or series. Since there are two options of bets and the odds of guessing right are high, the payout is often lower than choosing the specific top batsman.

#7: Batsman Match Betting

This is a simplified version of tops batsman because instead of betting on the overall top batsman, you only have to choose one of two players who you think will have more runs in the match.


These are popular types of cricket betting that you can try your hands on. As mentioned, we recommend that you understand a bet type and what it entails before you put your money into it. 

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