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Why can’t certain India fans separate IPL & the national team?



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Opinion: Why can’t certain India fans separate IPL & the national team? | The 2023 WTC Final has seen India fans argue among themselves

Much of the buildup to the World Test Championship (WTC) Final focused on the team selections, the 22 yards in the centre of The Oval and the key battles to come on it. Another factor was how the recently concluded Indian Premier League (IPL) would impact the contest, given the challenge for batsmen and bowlers to adjust to a format that has vastly different requirements.

However, the IPL has had an impact in more ways than one. For all its positives, the inability of some to separate the IPL and Indian national team is difficult to comprehend. Rivalries between ‘superfans’ of certain players dominate discussions online, despite the fact that each and every individual in the national team shares a common goal: representing India with pride and doing all they can to win.

Opinion: Why can't certain India fans separate IPL & the national team? | The 2023 WTC Final has seen India fans argue among themselves
Virat Kohli has copped widespread criticism for eating

So why don’t some fans share those views?

To witness certain India supporters rush to Twitter to share their happiness at a player’s dismissal or failure is quite incredible. Or to defend someone at all costs when they were shedding criticism on a “rival” player over the years for similar performances and decisions.

Having a favourite player is completely fine, but why at the expense of someone else? Doesn’t it make more sense to want Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and the nine others to perform for the sake of the national team? Apparently not.

IPL rivalry healthy, but not when it gets in the way of support for Team India

IPL rivalry is healthy and promotes talking points. It boosts ratings and keeps the competition flowing. However, as an outsider, it is clear to see the rivalry has spilt over into the national team where both Rohit and Virat have achieved a remarkable things.

When it comes to India, it surely should be put to the side.

Think of the England national football team. Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane is the captain. Arsenal have a traditional and fiery rivalry with Kane’s Tottenham, but all, including Arsenal fans, come together to support the whole team. “It’s coming home”, remember?

It is something difficult to understand as an Australia fan. Both Rohit and Virat are representing your country in an ICC final. Why would one be happy if either or both are dismissed cheaply? Or use it as an opportunity to belittle rather than suggest a meaningful replacement or provide thoughtful analysis? Or to point out which players were or weren’t playing at certain points under each player’s captaincy?

Also, there seems to be a time limit on when you can and can’t eat. It certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if the tweet author was munching on a snack while typing and then hitting send.

India’s tactics were questionable in the WTC 2021 Final. As they have been in 2023 as well. Instead of celebrating failures and comparing food habits, more attention should be on the think tank’s decisions in big games regardless of who the captain is.

If the team doesn’t come first for certain fans, they will focus on the player rivalry rather than what is best for the team. As an Australia fan, it would be great to see insightful analysis on Team India rather than simply belittling players who have poured everything they have for the jersey, including beating Australia in Australia on two separate occasions.

Unfortunately, that is difficult to find.

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Charbel Coorey
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