20 Cricket Puns and Jokes to Enjoy or Annoy People With!

20 Cricket Puns to Have a Laugh | Funny Cricket Puns and Sayings | Funny Cricket Sayings | Best Cricket Puns | Best Cricket Jokes

Want a dose of cricket puns and jokes? Then you are in the right place.

Check out 20 such jokes that will either make others laugh, or look at you with total confusion on their face. It’s funny either way.

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20 Cricket Puns and Sayings to Enjoy or Annoy People With:

1. Why didn’t the cricket team believe their captain? He had a very silly point.

2. Why is it never a good idea to take a batsman, who is scared of the short ball, out to a nightclub? He always gets into a tangle with the bouncer.

3. Girlfriend is excited about the new two-piece she bought for our vacation. Does she not realise I’m a handful with the swinging ball?

4. Did you hear about the guy who was so happy he found a girlfriend who loves playing cricket? She bowled him over.

5. England found some success against Australia in the mid-2000s. Why? Waugh stopped and they found peace.

6. What’s the difference between Cinderella and a batsman who keeps nicking off? Cinderella knew when to leave the ball.

7. There is no sport that accepts a diverse range of body types like cricket does…

… Fine legs, square legs and short legs.

8. What is a batsman’s least favourite bird? Duck.

9. Why is it safe to get with a cricketer after a night out? We always wear protection.

10. Why are bad tailenders and great racecar drivers so similar? If you blink, you’ll miss them both.

11. Why are fielders in the deep so well behaved? They know their boundaries and will try to stay within them.

12. Why are cricketers so good at ironing shirts? We know how to spot a crease.

13. What is Shane Watson’s least favourite fruit? Plum.

14. Why do cricketers have more fights with their partners than ever before? They feel they can overturn any decision even if they have no chance of success.

15. My wife said she would leave me if I don’t stop obsessing over cricket. I asked her to review that statement, with the “T” sign.

We are no longer together.

20 Cricket Puns to Have a Laugh to or Annoy People With | Funny Cricket Sayings and Jokes | Funny Cricket Sayings | Best Cricket Puns | Best Cricket Jokes

16. What did the snow skier ask the West Indies cricket team? Tips on how to go downhill so fast.

17. Which cricket grounds are the coolest? The ones full of fans.

18. Why is a bad fielder always feeling healthy and free of illness? They don’t catch anything.

19. When is the only time a batsman feels he is out? On a Saturday night.

20. Doctor: “What seems to be the problem?”

Patient: “I’m scared of the cricket ball”

Doctor: “How’s that?”

Patient: “I’ll leave if you continue with that rubbish”

Doctor: “WAIT ON”

Patient: “Goodbye”

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