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10 Tips to Create Winning Teams on Dream11



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Want to know how you can create winning teams on Dream11? You’re in the right place. Playing fantasy cricket can be fun, but being successful in Dream11 involves good planning and use of logic as much as possible.

Sure, there is some luck involved, but doing your homework and having a measured approach can go a long way to helping you create successful Dream11 teams.

Below are 10 key points that will help you create winning teams and increase your chances of winning on Dream11. Let’s get started!

Fantasy cricket – 10 winning tips for Dream11:

1. Play Only Selected Matches

One of the biggest mistakes fantasy players make is playing as many matches as they can, thinking the more matches, the more chances of winning.

This is not the case. You should only play selected matches you follow more closely. Avoid playing fantasy sports if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about a particular team or match. You stand at greater risk of losing money which is never ideal.

In fact, playing as many matches as possible could not only lead to losses, but the desire to then chase those losses. Choose your matches wisely!

2. Research

Research is the most important and underrated element in fantasy sports. Take your time to equip yourself with the necessary statistics and information. Never skip it. People may think that research is a waste of time, but it can make your team stand out from the crowd.

Some of the information you should collect includes:

  • Stats about players’ recent performances
  • Pitch reports and how surfaces typically behave at certain grounds.
  • Squad information, including injuries, potential unavailabilities, and possible playing XIs.
  • How teams perform batting first vs chasing.
  • How the players perform at certain venues or versus certain teams.

This will help make you feel a lot more confident before the match. CricBlog provides fantasy previews for a whole range of matches. Do have a read of the articles and take down the key points you feel will make certain players important picks in Dream11.

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3. Don’t Invest All Your Money in One Match

Another big mistake fantasy players make is after winning a match or two, they invest all their money in one match. If luck doesn’t favour them, they lose all their money.

You should invest an equal amount in every match. For example, if you have Rs.10000, you should divide it in 10 parts i.e. invest Rs.1000 in every match. This way you can potentially earn more in a longer run in Dream11, rather than putting all your eggs in one basket.

Also, be sure to have set budgets and spending limits. There is always the chance of losing, but be sure not to chase those losses.

4. Create multiple teams for a match

Creating multiple teams increases your chances of winning. You may like to try different team combinations or pick different players depending on how you think a match may transpire.

5. Prioritise all-rounders as much as possible

Focus on all-rounders as much as possible when putting your teams together. They provide the opportunity for more points as they bat and bowl. Plus, they are good choice for captaincy.

6. Favour players who feature in the crunch overs, i.e. powerplay, death

In limited overs matches, selecting bowlers who bowl in the crunch stages is a great strategy. Those who bowl in the powerplay and death overs may go for more runs, but the chances of picking up wickets is higher.

With the new point system in Dream11, 1-2 wickets can decide the winner of a match. Also, focus more on top order batters in T20s as they will get the opportunity to face the most balls in a match. However, don’t completely disregard middle order players depending on certain conditions, head-to-head player matchups and more.

So, as mentioned, it is vital you do the necessary preparation and use logic as much as possible.

7. Don’t be afraid to take risks, backed by research

You should not be afraid of taking risks, especially if you are well equipped with research. There are many people who play Dream11, and most of them have about 8-9 of the same players in their teams. This is particularly the case since Dream11’s decision to change the deadline time and lower credits.

Taking a risk on one or two players can help you win. Dream11 shows you the selection percentage of players and taking risk on some players work wonders. No player will perform the same way in every match and this is where “research” (point 2), as well as your own knowledge, can help you a lot.

8. Selecting your captain and vice-captain

A huge part of creating your team. After all, it can mean the difference between winning big or falling short.

The captain of your team gives you two times the points scored by him/her and the vice-captain gives 1.5 times the points scored. So it’s very important to select players who you think will top the performance charts of that match, backed by research and key insights.

Also, Dream11 shows you that which players are people’s top choice for captaincy and vice-captaincy. So, you can make your choice of who to go with.

9. Focus more on small leagues rather than grand leagues

Grand leagues are played by thousands of contestants, making it harder to win. By all means, try your hand in grand leagues from time to time, but smaller leagues should be a priority.

10. Tap into backups and have plans for different teams based on the toss

Certain players perform better when batting first. Others may perform better when fielding first. Also, pitches can get slower or quicker as matches go on, especially in limited overs cricket.

So, make sure you have plans in place regarding the teams you pick depending on the toss.

Also, Dream11 offers backups. It is your plan B when your selected players are not playing.

Here are some other handy tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep an eye on new players: Try equip yourself with knowledge on new players. Check out what their domestic record and recent form is like as these players can offer you a point of difference.
  • Don’t focus only on big-name players: Of course, big-name players can fetch big points. However, don’t fall short on your understanding on which players can perform best according to the conditions and opposition.

We hope that these points will help you create you dream team and win more money on Dream11.

Thanks for reading!

Written by Robin Rounder – follow Robin on Twitter today.

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Robin Rounder
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