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Australia vs India 1st Test Player Ratings



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Australia vs India 1st Test Player Ratings

Why go to a theme park when you can experience a rollercoaster of emotions following the score on your office desk, phone or watching the action with no nails left?

Test Cricket brings drama that no other format can. No, not even the superb (not) T10 or England’s “100”. Fantastic T20 matches are mostly forgotten in the same amount of time a game lasts, but an exciting Test match is spoken of for years.

This is one of them.

Both sides had their shortcomings, but it made for a riveting Test. The Australian media now know that other India batsmen exist apart from Virat Kohli, and Ishant Sharma has improved significantly. If this is what we will get for the rest of the series, then buckle up and get ready, because it’s going to be a good ride.

In this article, I will light heartedly rate each player out of 10. Emotions are running high after a close defeat for Australia, but this will be impartial as always. Feel free to leave a comment!

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Australia vs India 1st Test Player Ratings:


Aaron Finch: A first innings shot that would have had store mannequins cringing. Awful stroke from a Test opener on the third ball of an innings. His front pad is also now looking as big as Shane Watson’s. Didn’t review one he should have in the second innings after a no-ball saved him from a pair. Finch now has to prove he belongs in the Test side. 1

Marcus Harris: Two 26s on Test debut. Looked solid, but two soft dismissals will have Harris knowing that 20s don’t win you Tests. Enough to be encouraged about. 4

Usman Khawaja: Australia were hoping that the excellent Usman Khawaja would be fit for this series after picking up an injury in the UAE. Where was he in Adelaide? His output and decision making was not good enough for an experienced player. If Australia are to come back in this series, he needs to bounce back. Amazing catch to get rid of Virat Kohli on day one. 2

Shaun Marsh: Major bunny alert in the first innings, with Marsh gifting an early Christmas gift to Ashwin, with a beautiful red ribbon on top. Played a fine hand in the second innings to give Australia hope. Can he deliver consistently for the rest of the series? If he gets to double figures, he almost certainly will. So much talent… 6

Peter Handscomb: Major work reportedly done on his technique during the Australian winter, but not enough to stop me from worrying about him hitting wicket. A second innings pull shot that screamed lack of confidence and intent. Front foot defensive strokes unfortunately have more power. Another player with good Test performances who needs to step up. 4

Travis Head: First innings effort that brought Australia close to par with India. If a batting performance could be a described by a day of the week, Australia’s first innings was a Monday morning. Travis was the Saturday night of the team, but unfortunately couldn’t repeat it in the second. 7

Tim Paine: Whether you are an Aussie fan or don’t know cricket at all, “the compulsive hooker” is a very scary term. Gave Australia hope and didn’t give up, but as the case from many in this Test, shot selection was a let down. “Am so tired after diving countless times for Mitchell Starc’s leg side deliveries”, said Paine. Hopefully his finger should be fine for the second Test. 5

Patrick Cummins: All heart. Will always dig in, and while he was batting, Australia were a chance of victory. Despite not being at his best with the ball, he showed enough to suggest that he will be in the wickets throughout the series, and will be key against Virat Kohli. 6

Mitchell Starc: People say that there is nothing sadder in life than byes, but Starc loves them. Leaves Adelaide with possibly the worst 3/40 in the history of Test Cricket. Should pretend every batsman is a tailender. Needs to step up. 4

Nathan Lyon: Australia’s best. Persistent with the ball, eventually rewarded with wickets, and took Australia close with an excellent batting effort. The kind of guy you’d love to invite over for a BBQ. 9

Josh Hazlewood: Like Cummins, there was enough on show from Hazlewood to suggest he will be in the wickets this series. Called on batsmen other than Virat Kohli to step up for India, and Cheteshwar Pujara showed up. 7

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Australia vs India 1st Test Player Ratings: 


Murali Vijay: Out in almost identical fashion in both innings. Vijay saving broadcasters around the world time by performing his own action replay. Australia will surely target his drive once again in Perth. Involved in an important 50-run second innings stand though that got India further ahead. 3

KL Rahul: Rahul Dravid signed Ajinkya Rahane’s bat, with a message of “Best Wishes.” He also signed KL Rahul’s bat, but to KL’s credit, he responded with some second innings runs. Shot selection, though, leaves lots to be desired. 5

Cheteshwar Pujara: India had some fine performers with the ball, but Pujara was undoubtedly the difference between the two sides. India would have been out for 150 on day one had it not been for India’s solid number three, and he backed it up with more crucial runs in the second. Curious case of Cheteshwar Pujara? He’s putting that case to bed. 10

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Australia vs India 1st Test Player Ratings Cricket Blog CricBlog Cricket Opinion
Pujara sent a big message to the Aussie media. India don’t only have Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli: Victim of a great catch on day one, but what stood out was that Kohli looked at Pujara and understood that his second innings approach was the need of the hour. His captaincy at times was questionable, but there is no doubt about his passion. He will be a big factor in this series. 4

Ajinkya Rahane: I was asked on Twitter on Sunday morning as to whether this man should be dropped. No matter how he went on day four, he should be persisted with for at least one more Test. He delivered with plenty of class in the second innings, after a shot in the first innings that seemingly had him competing with teammates for the “worst shot of the day” award. Reverse sweep to get out suggested India felt they had enough on the board. 6

Rohit Sharma: Sharma’s Test career was summed up in two balls in the first innings. Gorgeous strokeplay, but nothing of substance. Aaron Finch’s 
first innings shot might have had store mannequins cringing, but Sharma’s had them turning away in disgust. Rohit lovers will say that India won by 31 runs, so Rohit’s 38 runs were crucial. 3

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Rishabh Pant: The IPL hosted its first match in Adelaide. At least that’s what Rishabh Pant thought. There is no doubt Australia must feel that Pant is a player who they’d like to see come into bat with India in trouble. However, if India are in front, he is dangerous. Equaled the most catches in a match for any player in Test history and the most for India (11). 6

Ravichandran Ashwin: Important first innings runs, and a fantastic Test with the ball. His obsession with variations were on display on the final day, though, which had fans worried he wouldn’t deliver again on day five of an overseas Test. Ended up taking the final wicket, with nearly 53 overs bowled in the second innings. A fine outing. 8.5

Mohammed Shami: Hit his rhythm early in the series which is good news for India. A wicket taking bowler is Shami. Provides a good laugh or two when he is batting. Can he put a better price on his wicket to compete with Australia’s fine lower order? This could prove a key factor in this series. 8

Ishant Sharma: Daily Telegraph Sydney, show yourselves. Their crappy journalism aged well. Clueless journalists acting as if they know cricket. Ishant Sharma showed why he has a much improved record over the last couple of years, focused on pitching the ball up fuller, which parts of the media failed to recognise. More no-balls than a fast bowler in a net session, though. Focus on that, Daily Telegraph. 8

Jasprit Bumrah: Bumrah’s first five overs in the Test went for 24. His next 43 yielded just 91, with six wickets. A superb display of relentless bowling, which had me almost in begging mode on day four. 8.5

Australia vs India 1st Test Player Ratings Cricket Blog CricBlog Cricket Opinion

So, a cracking Test comes to an end.

Perth is just days away, and if it’s anything like Adelaide, we are in for another good time. 

To India, congratulations. To Australia, I hope there is a bounce back.

Thanks for reading!

Australia vs India 1st Test Player Ratings

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