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How to reply to someone who says “cricket is so boring”



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How to reply to someone who says “cricket is so boring”

We’ve all heard it.

You may be at a work dinner, friends gathering, or even a date, where you hear those dreaded words.

No, not “you’re fired”.

Nor is it “I’m not interested”.

It is the famous “cricket is so boring” statement.

This statement reeks of a lack of understanding of the true intricacies of this great game. However, answering them with “you don’t get it” is as cliché as sportspeople saying “one game at a time”.

Cutting these people out of your life might be a thought, but sometimes not possible!

So, how do we help those who stroll around believing cricket is a boring game? How do we grab their attention? Or have them actually stop for a second to have a think about how good cricket might actually be? Whether they actually go and try to learn about the game doesn’t matter, but the least us cricket fans can do is cover the game we love in full glory!

Below are five responses you can come back with when you hear this statement.

1. Ever been to a fun math class? No? I have.

That’s right.

Cricket makes math fun.

You might have a great teacher, but Pythagoras Theorem is something that only lasts so long in the mind. However, discussions over averages, strike rates, run rates, wins, losses and other statistics stay with you for life.

There is nothing quite like the fine cricket statistic. Pity those who only have the basic math!

How to reply to someone who says
How to reply to someone who says “cricket is so boring” – No one is ever in this state when discussing cricket statistics.

2. Nothing can give you quite the roller coaster of emotion

Cricket goes for a longer period of time than other sports, but nothing grips you quite like it. Thrilling matches in other sports such as football and basketball are fantastic, but cricket is so unique.

The nature of the sport makes emotional roller coasters part and parcel of the game. Think of India vs Bangladesh in the World T20 2016. Or the Final of that tournament. What about the 2019 World Cup Final, the best ODI ever? Or one of the greatest Test series of all time?

These are only some of thousands of examples of the twists and turns cricket offers. The whole complexion of a game can change over a short or longer period of time, depending on the amount of pressure applied by one team. Sure, there are some games that aren’t that great, and even predictable, but which sport is immune to that?

Remember, away sides are now winning more Test cricket!

How to reply to someone who says
How to reply to someone who says “cricket is so boring” – There have been great Tests since, but the 2005 Ashes will stick with fans forever.

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3. Ask them what they know about cricket.

Surprise them and turn the conversation back to them.

Ask them what they know about cricket.

They will likely say “it’s just people throwing and hitting a ball for five days, then waiting all day in the hot sun for it to come to them”.

Perfectly leads into the next response.

4. It’s a game of tactics. A game of the mind.

So if it’s just hitting a ball around, how do you win?

How will you get the better of the opposition?

Planning and executing tactics is one of the most rewarding aspects of cricket. Like executing a business strategy, it is about exploring your opportunities and targeting them.

You have to be very mentally very strong to succeed. Fit, too. A little more than just throwing and hitting a ball around!

How to reply to someone who says
How to reply to someone who says “cricket is so boring”- Strategy and planning. So good.

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5. Different formats are available.

Test cricket, even though it was the format many of us fell in love with first, might be too much to introduce newbies to in this age of instant gratification. For those not aware of cricket, their assumption is that it all seems to go on forever.

T20s go for just a few hours, and are fast paced. Entertainment is the main aim, which satisfies many. ODIs and Tests go for longer, but are more a game of skill and mind (in my opinion!)

So, if you are faced with the “cricket is so boring” statement, you might have something to come back with and start a conversation!

Do you have any to add?

Thanks for reading!

Charbel Coorey
Charbel Coorey
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